Secure FAIL-PROOF Managed Maintenance:

scheduled ULTRA Maintenance

of WP/Woo updates, cleanup, vulnerability/security checks, pagespeed/DB optimisation!


ultraWP managed maintenance Table of Contents:
Individual features of managed services are in harmony with the enhancements made by the infrastructure experts, from the hosting and domain departments.
Tailored manual and automated interventions for particular requirements of customers, continually providing their websites and e-shops up to date performance and security.
No more losing visitors because of a sluggish loading or missing pages and links. We’ll enhance your site, assist you to eliminate spam, broken links, unwanted comments.
For your business to succeed online today, you have to juggle all MAINTENANCE TASKS, from updating, upgrading, cleaning, to maintaining configurations, setups and integrations.
Malware and hack attacks will no longer be a risk to your WordPress & WooCommerce, due to preventative automated, tailored and recurrent services.
ULTRA Maintenance will look after your online resources, while you focus on growing your company, concentrate only on your business and avoid website-related daily tasks.

The bottom-line impact of customers using ultraWP managed maintenance:


Less time spent on security incidents.


Less time spent on downtime issues.


Less time spent on bugs and customer support.


Or greater increase in page loading time and CTR.


Or more cutback in attacks, resource consumption.

TAILORED CONFIGURATION is what makes the ultraWP managed maintenance so revolutionary.

ULTRA MAINTENANCE, managed maintenance
Each specific feature implementation does not break something already working. Our team does not assume that the outsourced or your dedicated team covered that area. Our team never considers that it is not “their specific requirement” to consider security or speed. ultraWP does not doubles cost because of speed optimisation and triples it because of security enhancements.

ULTRA MAINTENANCE Business advantages

ultraWP managed maintenance for WP/Woo is SECURE, FAST and ORGANISED.

WordPress core updates, upgrades

daily DB cleanup, optimisation

spammy comments cleanup

WooCommerce updates, upgrades

index rebuilding, optimisation

transients cleanup, optimisation

free plugins updates, upgrades

premium plugins updates, upgrades

daily trash cleanup, optimisation

free/child theme updates, upgrades

premium theme updates, upgrades

draft, page, post revision cleanup


Business competitiveness is quality-price ratio for profitability.


Your landing pages gain better loading speeds, conversions.


Crammed modules increase complexity exponentially.


Reducing the attack surface, you gain extra defensive layers.


Restricted access control for remote teams.


As a website grows, you expand its parts. Start in the right way.

ultraWP managed maintenance recommendation:

COMPARTMENTALISATION keeps everything loading instantly, from any device.

ULTRA continuity

Recurrent updates of your free & premium themes, plugins.

ULTRA upkeep

Automated ULTRA Maintenance audits to identify and solve broken links, revisions, empty tags and categories.

ULTRA care

Daily scheduled cleaning tasks to reduce clutter, eliminate spam.

ULTRA support

Tailored managed maintenance services for your unique website requirements, exceeding your expectation.

Is EVERYBODY involved in your online success?

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