on-premise managed keyword monitoring

on Google, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, any local language, for mobile & desktop.


ultraWP managed keyword monitoring Table of Contents:
Find out how easily simple is our solution in comparison to other existing solutions. Elegantly simple reports, as it should be! This is the only solution, that can warn you in time before it transforms into a SEO disaster. Understand how humans search online to gain the benefits needed for your online business.
Understand why business niche keywords are important and save a little money with this. While analyzing competitors, you can actually notice how they rank and what strategy they are using. Understand the latest changes in online search engines to gain a standing chance for ranking with managed KEYRA.
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The bottom-line impact of customers using ultraWP managed keyword monitoring:


Fresh data already at your disposal, every time.


Legal keyword monitoring from your competitors.




Sensitive DATA CONTROL with managed KEYRA.


Less time spent on bugs and customer support.

ON-PREMISE managed keyword monitoring is what makes the ultraWP so revolutionary. Managed KEYRA, just for you and your REMOTE TEAM.

ultraWP managed keyword monitoring, managed KEYRA
Affordable managed KEYRA: keyword positions with accurate reporting, on Google, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo. Any local language, for mobile & desktop. No cached or old data, no waiting until fresh data pours in. Unlimited data retention, kept only until you want it.

Business advantages

ultraWP managed keyword monitoring is SECURE, FAST and ORGANISED.

DAILY ranking

keyword changing

recurrence control

WEEKLY ranking

domain changing

multi SERP option

MONTHLY average

language changing

multi lingual option

YEARLY average

SERP changing

WP/AMP ranking


You start with a managed account when you sign up with ultraWP. No need to train internal teams or hire new employees.


Your on-premise apps gain better loading speeds, conversions being close to your hosting server and domain.


Crammed external platforms increase complexity exponentially.


Reducing the attack surface, you gain extra defensive layers. Firewalls protect managed KEYRA from security issues.


Restricted remote access to the server, database, even from developing providers increases security ten-fold.


As a business grows, you expand its parts. Start in the right way.

Proposed use cases:

COMPARTMENTALISATION keeps everything separated, on its dedicated server.

measure SEO

Use a trustworthy independent source of reporting, that can double check the facts served as an earned performance result.

competitive OPTIONS

Figure out cheap and fast methods of LOW-HANGING FRUITS, to boost your online presence and revenue.

save TIME

Your company’s public data should be always at your disposal. Stop forgetting or waiting or jumping through hoops!

LEARN from competitors

Investing “less for the same results” is a serious business advantage in the long run. Notice upcoming disruptors.

Do you trust THE ENTIRE INTERNET with your data?

Contact us if not, and get the latest insights & inspiration, tailored for your business niche.