3 fascinating options of ultraWP managed apps

that will blow your mind

serving our carefree customers daily, without being asked, what made us exceptional

The philosophy around data ownership is simple, you own your data, no one else. People believe in us for that reason, and we will continue to champion the right for people to be in control of their data.
We host and manage on-premise apps, from various vendors inside our trusted datacenter. Best suited for industries with strict compliance and data privacy regulations.

The bottom-line impact of customers using ultraWP managed apps:


Less time spent on security incidents.


Personal, legal and sensitive DATA OWNERSHIP.


Personal, legal and sensitive DATA PRIVACY.


Personal, legal and sensitive DATA COMPLIANCE.


Less time spent on bugs and customer support.

ON-PREMISE 3rd-party is what makes the ultraWP managed apps so revolutionary.

ultraWP managed apps
Each specific app integration does not break something already working. Our team does not assume that the outsourced or your dedicated team covered that area. Our team never considers that it is not “their specific requirement” to consider security or speed. ultraWP does not doubles cost because of speed optimisation and triples it because of security enhancements.

Business advantages

ultraWP managed apps for the on-premise solution is SECURE, FAST and ORGANISED.


You start with a managed account when you sign up with ultraWP. No need to train internal teams or hire new employees.


Your on-premise apps gain better loading speeds, conversions being close to your hosting server and domain.


Crammed external platforms increase complexity exponentially.


Reducing the attack surface, you gain extra defensive layers. Firewalls protect lacking 3rd party security issues.


Restricted remote access to the server, database, even from developing providers increases security ten-fold.


As a business grows, you expand its parts. Start in the right way.

Proposed use cases:

COMPARTMENTALISATION keeps everything separated, on its dedicated server.


Managed analytics platform that gives your business 100% data ownership and user privacy protection, GDPR/SCA compliance.

Keyword rank monitoring

Affordable keyword positions with accurate reporting. Unlimited data retention or kept it until you want it.

Indexability audit

Meet SEO demands easily. Study the reported problems easily via fast identifiable source pages. Loved simplicity!

Bring in-house yours

Does your favourite solution provide on-premise license? Secure all your so easily-evaporating sensitive and private data.

Do you trust THE ENTIRE INTERNET with your data?

Contact us if not, and get the latest insights & inspiration, tailored for your business niche.