The pillars of ultraWP with 12+ years of experience with WordPress.

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A serial entrepreneur since 2008, focused only on providing WordPress Services. Partnerships throughout the years, made possible today’s tailored solution advantage, providing competitive products/services. Nobody in the en ligne industry works with several providers, highly limiting customer choice, forcing internal preferences, reducing flexibility, growth chance and long-term stratagem. That is totally against what WordPress and WooCommerce stand for – unlimited options, simple, fast and cheap.

12+ years of owlsome experience with WordPress
WordPress Security, Vulnerability Auditing - 10 years
WordPress Speed Optimisation - 10 years
WooCommerce Security, Vulnerability Auditing - 8 years
WooCommerce Speed / Conversion Optimisation - 7 years

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Founder, CEO


CEO of, specialised in Managed WordPress Services and Managed WooCommerce Services.

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